Aseptic seals for pharmaceutical and food industries

The food and pharmaceutical industries reveal a series of totally differing applications and challenges depending on the hydraulic/pneumatic field of application.

We, at Uniseals, are capable of customising solutions upon request, in a field where specifications are more and more demanding both in terms of types of seals and law requirements related to the compound.

Thanks to the perfect synergy between the sales and technical departments, Uniseals and Universalflex - a company particularly keen on innovation and the needs of the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as hoses, valves and seals dealers - combined their efforts to develop and design a series of sealing specifications purposely meant for these industrial sectors.

These seals, called “Cassaforte” – Italian for safe or strongbox - whose model is patented in Europe and the U.S.A. have the main advantage of not having undercuts or recesses in their housings, in which contaminating residue material may stagnate. This distinctive characteristic was specifically studied to avoid potential formation of bacterial load around the area housing the sealing.